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desperately hoping
hi girls - My roommates are musicians and got picked up by the Apple Itunes Tour where they perform at major Apple stores all over Japan. This past weekend I went with them and hardly ate anything since I wasn't going to the gym. Normally, I eat about 500-700 calories, but then go to the gym and burn like 400 cals, so I am only ending up with 300 cals by the end of the day (plus hopefully toned ab muscles and arms). However, this weekend I hardly ate and just felt sooo shitty. I turned into super bitch by last night, and just didn't want to deal with anything or anyone. I knew I was being so immature and whatever, but I couldn't help it.

How do I deal with this? This is what happened to me the last time that I started eating like this, and then I got so miserable that I just gave up. Then, the weight returned. Ugh....I move around too much all day to be eating nothing. Need to figure out a new routine. Any ideas anyone? xoxo

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damnit, my roommate brought home these awesome chocolate pretzels and i ate two. AAAH!! i hate how i'll feel these pretzels for the next 72 hours....
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hi girls! god, i dropped 4 pounds and i'm back down to 110pounds finally. ugh! just gotta keep this up and hopefully drop another 4 in the next week. i'm going to see my boyfriend again on april 4, so i have a month to get down to at least 103 and keep it off. i've been going to gym a lot and eating about 500 cals a day, so i think it's working. i just hope i can keep going to the gym (last time i got too weak, stopped going, and just lost all motivation and binged and weight increased - bleh). so yea, gotta keep it all a little more balanced this time.

one good thing i must say is that my boobs never shrink despite how much weight i lose. so, they are pretty much a B cup which looks great when i get down to about 105 because then i have an itty bitty waist (right now it's about 25 inches) and a chest.

keep me strong! you girls who are writing are doing a great job! xoxo
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i just had a busy weekend. i flew from tokyo to the east coast to visit my boyfriend. he had surgery, but also moved into a new apartment and i wanted to help him with the move. so, i spent 48 hours in an airplane and 72 hours on the ground. ha. traveling definitely isn't that good though for my eating habits. i always want to eat sugar to keep me energized for the long fights and such. i did ok eating-wise this weekend, but my boyfriend totally hit my weakspot and bought all of these fancy, yummy cheeses and breads and we had cheese, bread, and wine like 3 times. of course, i had tons of trouble trying to limit what i ate because i LOVE bread and cheese and wine. anyways, didn't gain any weight at least. arrive back to tokyo this evening, and going to try to beat the jetlag so that i can go to the gym tomorrow. hope you guys are all keeping up the good work!
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went to the gym today and did 2 advanced step classes. i don't know what it is, but in tokyo they make the studio rooms soooo freakin' hot that even if you are just marching in place you sweat like none other. it feels like hot yoga or something. after doing 2 classes, i was so hungry, so i bought 4 pieces of sushi and some gummi bears on the way home. calories aren't labeled on most foods here, so i can't count them. i hope it wasn't too much!
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just came home....i have such a habbit of late night eating and am munching on a tiny bag of gummy bears rather than real food. ugh, i'm gonna take a hot shower and try to go to bed early. less temptation, right?
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the last time that i brought my weight down ten pounds, i did the 3pm diet. and, now that i am up 10 pounds again, i am going try it again. so, eat nice and healthy until 3pm, and after 3pm, NO FOOD. it's already evening here in tokyo, so i'm going to start this tomorrow. feel free to join :) we can update each other daily about drops in our weight xoxo

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hi girls - long time again. i've been MIA again i know, but recently have been getting some messages from girls on here and feeling inspired to give my eating self-control a try again. it is so frustrating - for 3 weeks i am so motivated and eat so well and lose so much weight, and then i gain one or two pounds back, and i suddenly lose all motivation and just kinda get lazy again and it all comes back. OR i do really well, and to treat myself for doing so well i nibble at a cookie, and then my self-control just completely vanishes and i can't stop nibbling! i know i look normal and maybe petite or whatever, but i hate my thighs, stomach, arms...everything. i hate that i can grab meat on my body and i wish it would all just go away. i'm going to visit my boyfriend this weekend in america, and when i'm with him i tend to eat a hell of a lot less because i'm so self conscious (you girls with boys the same way?). i'm moving back to the states in april actually, so i think being around him all of the time will help me a lot. xoxo
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I am new to live journal. I hope to meet new people and new support here. xoxo
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